Pool Maintenance

A very important component of pool ownership is the continued maintenance of the pool, including its surfaces and equipment. Failure to properly maintain your pool can quickly lead to surface erosion, algae growth, bug infestations, and equipment damage or failure. This is particularly true in the hot climate of summer in the Arizona, where an improperly working pool filter can lead to a green pool in less than two days. Desert Peak Pools provides a full range of pool maintenance services for both residential and commercial pools, spas, and fountains. Whether it is a small family play pool, a large diving pool and spa, or a community pool for an apartment or condominium complex, Desert Peaks Pools brings its years of experience to ensure that your pool remains clean, well balanced, and ready to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Desert Peak Pools provides the following maintenance services (weekly, twice weekly, and every other week options available):

  • Brush pool walls, steps & tile line
  • Net debris from pool surface
  • Vacuum pool floor
  • Empty skimmer basket
  • Empty pump basket
  • Check pool equipment and optimize settings
  • Check pool chemical balance and adjust (as necessary)
  • Backwash filter (as needed)
  • Check Water Balance

The cost for Desert Peak Pools’ Full Service maintenance plans are based upon:

  • The frequency of service (weekly, twice weekly, every other week)
  • The type of chlorination your pool uses (i.e. salt pool or chlorine pool)
  • The type of filtration and cleaning system installed for you pool (i.e. D.E. filter, sand filter and cartridge filter)
  • Your preferred type of cleaning system (i.e. in-floor cleaning system or mobile floor cleaner such a pool vacuum).

To learn more about any of these services or to get an estimate on maintenance service for pool, or any other services offered by Desert Peak Pools, please click the link below or call Dennis Cathie directly at 480-326-1412.