Pool Equipment Check

Like your air conditioner or major home appliances, it is important to keep your pool equipment in good working order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your pool system. Properly functioning pool equipment not only keeps your pool in pristine condition, but it also should perform efficiently.  Improperly working equipment leads to green pools, overall damage to your pool system (including pipes, motors, filters, pumps, and cleaning equipment), and higher than expected water and electric bills. It is highly recommended that all pool owners get their pool system evaluated at least once, if not twice, a year, to ensure all aspects of the system are functioning properly, particularly before the summer swim season.

Desert Peak Pools provides a full range of pool equipment evaluation and repair services to ensure your pool is performing and looking its best. Whether you are a weekly service client or someone looking for a one-time evaluation or repair, we at Desert Peak Pools are happy assist you with any of the following services:

  • Green Pool Clean Up – full service options including (as necessary) killing all algae and algae spores, pool draining, surface cleaning, and chemical balancing
  • DE and Cartridge Filter Tear Down and Cleaning – tear down of existing filter and full cleaning of filter grids and cartridges
  • Sand Filter Sand Change – removal of old sand within filter system and replacement with new filter sand
  • Cleaning System Evaluation and Repair – full service options for both in floor pop up systems and motorized two and four wheel floor cleaners (including Hayward and Zodiac pool vacs and barcudas)
  • Pool Pump and Motor Diagnosis and Repair – full service diagnostic and repair options for malfunctioning pumps and motors, including leaks, clogged baskets, clogged impellers, deprimed pumps, pump lid replacement, and o-ring replacements
  • Pool Filter Diagnosis and Repair – full service diagnostic and repair options for malfunctioning pool filters, including leaks, o-ring replacements, pressure fluctuation, and pressure gauge malfunctions
  • Salt Cell System Diagnosis and Cleaning – full service diagnostic and cleaning options to ensure salt cell is fully functioning and salt levels are optimal
  • Pool Valves Evaluation and Repair – full service evaluation and repair of existing pool values for leaks and clogs
  • Adjustment of Water Leveler
  • Equipment Plumbing Repair

To learn more about any of these services or to get an estimate on these or any other services offered by Desert Peak Pools, please click the link below or call Dennis Cathie directly at 480-326-1412.