Pool Draining

Pool Draining and Water Replacement

Over time, a pool will a reach point where no matter the effort, it seems like you are constantly battling to keep the pool properly maintained on a day to day basis, whether it be balanced chemicals, clear water, and/or clean walls and tiles. This struggle can become frustrating and time consuming and disruptive to your enjoyment of your pool. While there can be a variety of causes, often these maintenance issues are caused by old pool water with concentrations of minerals and other materials from long-term use of the pool, including sunscreen, oils, dust, pool chemicals, and similar contaminants. The presence of these contaminants necessitates that pool water be fully replaced every 5-6 years on average (though this can vary based on the usage of the pool). At Desert Peak Pools we are here to help. We can drain and replace your pool water in a manner that is both efficient and safe for the integrity of your pool service. To discuss whether a pool draining and water replacement is necessary for your pool, click on the link below or call Dennis directly at 480-326-1412.

Acid Wash

In addition to being exposed to an increasing amount of minerals and contaminants in your pool water (as discussed above), over time the surface of your pool can appear dirty due to hard water and calcium buildup on the walls and steps of your pool that then becomes stained and discolored. Desert Peak Pools uses acid wash techniques to remove this thin, outer layer of your pool surface to reveal a cleaner surface underneath than can improve the appearance of your pool. This service is always coupled with a pool drain and water replacement, thus giving your pool a clean, fresh start. To discuss whether an acid wash would help the appearance of your pool’s surfaces, click on the link below or call Dennis directly at 480-326-1412.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Due to Arizona’s hard water, clients often complain of the unsightliness of calcium build up on the tile and grout along the water line of their pools. Desert Peak Pools can easily remove this unsightly build up through its tile and grout cleaning services (using sand blasting equipment). Because it is necessary to drain the pool to complete this tile and grout cleaning service, many clients choose to couple this service with a water replacement and acid wash, though the acid wash and tile cleaning services can be performed separately.  To discuss whether tile and grout cleaning would be beneficial for your pool, click on the link below or call Dennis directly at 480-326-1412.