youtube embed video loop not working

Note: This parameter (loop) has limited support in the AS3 player and in IFrame embeds, which could load either the AS3 or HTML5 player. Just like the YouTube embed, the video will appear in your timeline, auto-play, and be muted. Incoming search terms: How to embed a video from youtube; Responsive video embed 2021. There’s nothing more annoying than watching a video on YouTube, and expecting more similar videos to play afterwards, only to find that the room goes silent and that nothing happens. For us the embed code from ytCropper works fine out of the box, as shown on the screenshot above. Learn how to loop YouTube videos in 2 different ways with this helpful video tutorial. Like said, you can block advertisements on YouTube. Leave blank for full length video Video Options. How to repeat or loop videos? Bjorn Allpas February 9, 2018 10:07 am 16 Comments Updated June 10th, 2020. HTML5 Video Embed, Controls, Image, No Download, Loop, Autoplay. setTimeout(, 5000); You may also like: How to Embed YouTube Video in a Webpage without IFrame That's it. Despite its status, it is not uncommon for a user to encounter display issues, video playback problems and such. Mujeeb Ahmed Farees. recommended this. When present, it specifies that the video will start over again, every time it is finished. The … Our automated system analyzes replies to choose the one that's most likely to answer the question. To do this, you need to be signed into YouTube though. For example, if you set autoplay to 0 and mute to 0, then there would be no change and it would not autoplay and it would not be muted. Original Poster. Note: The autoplay feature does not work on mobile or tablet devices.. 1. I'm using a youtube video in my presentation which is on continuous loop. Share on print. EXAMPLE: The normal embed share code will look like this for Youtube: You can also turn captions on by default. HTML5 has a native