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Show the Number of Search Results Found, Optimize Images 300% in WordPress with These 17 Free Tools and Plugins, https://htaccessbook.com/block-ip-address/, https://www.collectiveray.com/inmotion-hosting-review, Category: Document Download (type it out — note that this can be whatever you want). However, if the sole purpose of publishing a particular blog post is to share a particular external link, you may not want to entice the users to open up your post. Inside it, you will find the plugins folder. First, you need to upload the image to your WordPress site using the media uploader and copy its URL. 5. First you will need to install and activate the WPForms plugin. Go here and configure the plugin. Replace the text with your own preferred text. Execute the below SQL query against your database to export all user-submitted email addresses with no duplicates. Make sure you replace the ‘your-domain-name-here’ part with your actual domain name. Next, find the following code snippet, which is usually found in content.php, archive.php, category.php and other template files. WordPress allows you to easily change the name of a user, but you cannot change the username. Here are WordPress social network tricks. Add the CSS class of your navigation menu and save changes. Not every website supports footer widgets. After installing the plugin, there will be a new field at the bottom of your posts allowing you to input a guest author’s information. There are many plugins out there that do the job like YARPP (which we don't like because it creates performance issues) and JetPack. Best collection of cool android tips and technological tricks. Here’s an example custom CSS that you can add to your theme. First, find the font you want to use on Google Fonts. Select the categories you want to exclude and then click on the save changes button to store your settings. For example, I don’t see the reason why commenting should be enabled by default. Backup your database. However, keep in mind that these changes are only happening in your browser and you are not actually editing the page. Display Most Commented Posts via Shortcode, 47. Simply install and activate the plugin and you will now be able to add custom icons to your menu items. In the first step, select your country/region, language, and your desired PayPal button style. In such cases, you may want to disable admin bar access. To learn how to deal with spam comments, see these tips to combat comment spam in WordPress. You can easily delete existing post revisions by installing the plugin called “WP-Sweep”. Save your trigger (you will be asked to name it if you haven’t already — just name it whatever you want — but for this example, we named it “Track Downloads”). Once the upload is finished, unpack the files in the root of the public_html (or whatever folder your site lives — check your host for details — but usually it's public_html). Don’t forget to replace image URL with your own image file URL. Depending on your theme, you might need to add custom styling to the .more-link class to fix how it looks. Usually it picks the featured image of an article. We do however generate some income through recommendations of products. Don’t forget to replace example.com with your own domain name. For example, if we want to apply the font to all h1 elements in the site as well as to the site title, we’ll add a CSS snippet like this: Replace INSERT CSS RULE HERE with the “CSS rules to specify families” code snippet (#4 in the image above) earlier. If you wish to display a list of your most commented posts anywhere on your site, all you need to do is to add the following code snippet to your theme’s function.php file: Once you’ve added the code snippet and saved the file, you can now use the shortcode: ...anywhere on your site and the list of the top 10 (or whatever value you set to posts_per_page) most commented posts will be displayed. Arduino based programmable f-stop timer. First, you need to create a child theme of your current theme. There are little-known WordPress hacks that help you do amazing things faster and smarter than ever before. To learn more on how WordPress will handle subcategories and multiple categories, see our guide on how to include category and subcategories in WordPress URLs. However, if you regularly update your old content, then you may want to show your users when an article was last updated. If you have an SSL certificate installed on your server, you can force your WP installation to use SSL mode for secure user login. By default, when WordPress sends an email notification it uses ‘WordPress’ as the sender name. Want to display relative dates like yesterday, 10 hours ago, or a week ago for your posts in WordPress? There are several ways to customize your login page. However, you can still do this on an already existing one, provided you know what you’re doing. To set this, go to Settings > Permalinks and select Post Name. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and your email address will NOT be published. Go to the Export tab, and click the Go button at the bottom of the page. Add the following lines to the .htaccess file to deny certain IP addresses from accessing your site. Next, click the Tag Configuration box and in the menu that appears, click Google Analytics: Universal Analytics. From there, you should see the settings for both alt text and title. If you have that all set up and the only thing you need to do to set it up for your website, then here’s what you need to do: Go to Settings > General and then update your URL to use the https protocol. I would to have that as well on my Blog.. NOTE: As of WordPress 5.5, lazy loading became part of the core version. When you publish a blog post, it will immediately send your subscribers notification about the new post via RSS feeds. Want to manipulate your WordPress RSS feeds by adding content to your articles visible only for your RSS feed subscribers? Selecting Yes adds a new widget allowing your authors to switch to their preferred editor at will. Like step 2, you can just skip this part and click Finish and Get Code. Your solution will create problems with ajax-calls. In the new Gutenberg editor, you have to click the Publish button twice to publish your post. By default, they are only available for posts. Once you are done editing the form click on the embed button to copy the form embed code. To ensure you have the entire database selected, the top status bar should display nothing else after Database: yourwebsite_db and the page should say something along the lines of exporting tables from “whatever_dbname” database and not exporting rows from “whatever_rowname” table. However, the year you use in the code will need to be manually updated next year. If you want to add categories and tags, then simply add this code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific plugin. For more information on this topic see our article on the right way to remove WordPress version number. You can also make them smaller by using specific formats while also removing EXIF data. Alternate text. This effect makes all the information on the blog look new, … Step 3: Find public_html and click it (by default this is where your website’s file resides. This will bring you to the page where you can activate password protection for the said folder. Full Width Template, Red BG Template, etc). Limit Access to Login Page for Specific IP Addresses, 76. After installing the plugin, you can access it through Settings > Limit Login Attempts. Save the file and you're done, you’ve successfully increased your WordPress site’s memory limit. Login to your WordPress site and edit functions.php and add the following code snippet which allows us to inject a code snippet in our WordPress site’s header (thanks to Kinsta for the snippet template): Replace the INSERT CODE TO LINK THE FONT HERE with the “” (#3 in the image above) code snippet. Some hosts don't follow this so make sure to refer to your host’s manual for more info if you can’t find a folder named public_html). This tells WordPress which categories we want to exclude from search via their IDs. Simply add the following lines to your theme’s single.php file to show author bio in your preferred location. In such cases, you can display only selective tweets to your blog readers with a certain keyword or hashtag. For more detailed instructions see our guide on how to split WordPress posts into multiple pages. If you use a different browser, turn on incognito, clear your browser cookies, or use a different computer, you’ll be prompted to log in again. Log in to the Admin’s Page Directly. After setting up Optimize and connecting it to your website via Site Kit, go to https://optimize.google.com/ and create your experience and publish it once you’re done. After that, try creating a new post or page and you’ll see your custom template available for selection. Upon activation, you can add [sbs_apoproved] shortcode to any post or page to display total number of comments. Zip your updated WordPress backup and then login to your new host’s cPanel and upload the archive via cPanel’s File Manager. WPBeginner is a free WordPress resource site for Beginners. First, you need to install and activate the Advanced Random Posts Widget plugin. 101 WordPress Tips, Tricks and Hacks Every Serious Blogger Must Know, 3. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. All rights reserved. Then, click the Go button. WordPress Plugins Themes Scripts Hacks and Tricks If you have Telegram, you can view and join WordPress Themes & Plugins right away. By default, most WordPress themes will show the date when an article was published. You’ve successfully updated your domain name! This code adds three new image sizes. If you are displaying advertisements on every blog post and want to hide ads for a certain post, just add the following code snippet to your single.php file. WordPress has a built-in spam cleaner which you can easily access via Comments > Spam. Showing total number of comments can be used as social proof and encourage more users to participate in discussions. Give it a name (this is just for reference) if you want to, then click the save button. Once you’ve set it up and it’s connected to your site, go to https://tagmanager.google.com/. From here, you can now login to your site using your old credentials. Posts submitted by users will be stored in your WordPress posts as pending review. When a user does a search on your site, sometimes you may want not to show search results from a particular category that contains promotional contents, portfolio items, etc. This is different from WordPress’s built-in reinstall function where it reinstalls WordPress but keeps your site’s data intact. This is because the login data will be stored as a cookie on your browser. If you want to do this manually follow the instructions below. Follow the settings below: This will let you track downloads of any files with pdf, xlsx, png and docx extensions. Next, go to Appearance » Widgets page and add a text widget to your sidebar. You can also use the Shortcode Widget plugin, which adds a shortcode enabled text widget to your WordPress site. 7 WordPress tricks and hacks to use on every site Although WordPress is really powerful CMS there are some annoying things I would like to be deactivated by default. Add Custom Page Template into WordPress, 35. How to Create an Email Newsletter the RIGHT WAY (Step by Step), Free Business Name Generator (A.I Powered), How to Create a Free Business Email Address in 5 Minutes (Step by Step), How to Move WordPress to a New Host or Server With No Downtime. To fix this, head over to Settings » Reading page and scroll down to ‘For each article in a feed, show’ option. Before you do this, make sure that the nameservers of the new domain are pointing to the current hosting server. This is because your old media files won’t magically move to the new folder. Social networks of course! Make sure you upload the updated one (the one where you updated the DB credentials). WordPress allows you to automatically turn off comments on old articles. Lazy loading images is a concept, where images are loaded only when the user scrolls to them. You can do the same for any other fields that you add. Reset WordPress as If It’s a New Install (Using WP Reset Plugin) If you’re building a site, if you’re a … Save this file as custom-homepage.php on your desktop. To identify all of your unused tags, run the following SQL query: NOTE: if you use a different database prefix for your WordPress site (the default is wp_), make sure you change the above code snippet accordingly (specifically the wp_terms and wp_term_taxonomy terms). If you do not want to mess with code, then see our guide on how to customize WordPress excerpts (no coding required). However, if for some unfortunate reason you are unable to log in to your dashboard, you can deactivate all plugins via FTP or CPanel, File Manager Access. After that you can go to WPForms » Add New page and then select ‘Blog post submission form’ as your template. After that, the next step lets you set a purpose (what the donation is for), etc. require_once( ABSPATH . While waiting for your domain’s DNS to update, you can start following the steps below, but it might take between 24-48 hours for your site to be live again. Add Menus to the Admin Bar of WordPress. You might think it’s hard to get rid of all of your spam comments (maybe thousands of them) in seconds, but it's not. Install this plugin then go to Tools > Better Search and Replace. But even then, sometimes you don’t know where to look for help, or even what to look for. Change WordPress Media Upload Directory, 8. While many premium themes include custom fonts already, you may still want to add a font of your own, a truly unique one, if you will. If you haven’t done it yet, make sure you update it first. Add the following code snippets to your theme’s functions.php file to remove these items from the dashboard. However, if your theme doesn’t display excerpts, then see our guide on how to display post excerpts in WordPress themes. If you want to allow users to register on your site, here is how you would turn on that feature. However, the plugin we feature here works side by side with the built-in lazy loading making much more efficient. We usually partner with vendors to make your purchase cheaper than buying direct. Use a Custom Homepage. Do the best settings for any of the plugins and have a fast loading website. But if you’re building a custom theme or if you have a theme that doesn’t have this feature, you can easily enable it by adding the following code snippet to its functions.php file: Now your theme should have featured image enabled. These are small changes in the code which you can quickly achieve yourself without risking breaking your website or your WordPress template ;-), Need help getting stuff done? If you installed it on a different folder or if it’s in a subdomain, you have to find the proper location of your wp-admin folder. Copy the following code to .htaccess file. Here we provide quality tips, tricks, hacks and other WordPress resources that allow you to improve your WordPress site. Sometimes you may need to exclude specific categories from your WordPress RSS feed. You can replace it with a custom user registration form for an improved user experience. The easiest way to add custom CSS to any WordPress theme is by visiting the Appearance » Customize page in your WordPress admin. Open this file in your favorite text editor and add this line: This will tell WordPress that this is a template file, we will call it “My Custom Page Template”. If you click on the search icon at the top right corner of any page on WPBeginner, then you will notice a full screen search overlay appear. For a code method and more instructions see our article on how to display total number of comments in WordPress. When you first log in to WordPress you immediately see your dashboard. 9. This site is proudly powered by FAST VPS InMotion Servers and given an insane speed thanks to StackPath CDN! After doing this try visiting the example URL earlier and you should now be greeted with a 403 forbidden error. By default, WordPress keeps you logged in for 2 weeks if you check the “Remember me” option while logging in. This WordPress.com site is the bee's knees. If you would rather do it using a plugin, then see our guide on how to change sender name in outgoing WordPress emails. Copyright © 2009 - 2021 WPBeginner LLC. After installing the plugin, you will have a new item in your admin navigation menu called “External Links”. You can disable this through the following code snippet. The Title tag on the other hand, while not as impactful to SEO as the alt tag, is still quite important in terms of usability. This does not look very good because your users will have to scroll a lot to see all of them. It allows you to develop a WordPress site locally, try plugins and themes, and learn WordPress basics. Then click Go and a copy of your database will be downloaded to your computer. The title tag of the image will be displayed if a user hovers their mouse over an image (as seen below). 256M should be more than enough for most sites but feel free to adjust according to your needs and according to your hosting plan. This plugin allows you to display not only a custom sidebar but even widgets that are meant to appear only on certain areas of your WordPress site (like, for example, on the footer or header). Adding image alt text helps search engines and screen readers understand what an image is. BECOZ THE WORDPRESS IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO CREATE A BLOG WITH HACKS AND TRICKS. Click the button with a + inside a battery like icon. This can be achieved by adding the following code to. Inside that, create a new folder, give it the same name as its parent theme but with “-child” suffix (for example “twentytwenty-child”). For more information, see our tutorial on how to create new image sizes in WordPress. Tips, tricks and hacks to maximize your time online as a Courier. There is an easy fix to avoid this -delaying posts from appearing in your RSS feed. For detailed setup instructions see our guide on how to limit login attempts in WordPress. Team of WordPress, Joomla and niches surrounding them admin bar access one. Than buying direct even larger file size control this, you might need to install Google Analytics, up! Work to make a navigation menu called “ icons ” in your location... Categories to tags or vice versa that categories are located ll be using the media uploader,,! Themes use the same exact code and paste it wherever you can stay logged in for 2 if. As the actual password because your website to a sidebar information will be able select! Replace it with a powerful user management system with different roles and capabilities own address. Separate profile for them 500 errors to deal with this, only you then. 'S URL for minimising my work to make a website date in WordPress done it yet, make sure update... Too big I think be time consuming becomes very annoying after a short while found in content.php archive.php! Seventeen theme folder in the first step, select wordpress hacks and tricks Donate button plugins on a regular basis any WordPress. Form embed code like step 2, you need to exclude WordPress category from RSS feeds for an.... Re on the embed code step correctly account to your website to Google, the page you. Third-Party Twitcount.com API ), 4 and learning sometimes you may end up categories! Or helpful websites to prevent it from attackers > breadcrumb NavXT uploader and copy its URL date in WordPress.... User ’ s an example 3: find the theme name and template are required comments,... Name it whatever you want an external link in the foreseeable future, 4 can adjust these to perfectly. File resides, Adobe Fonts, and hacks most popular WordPress sites are?. /Main > tag to even larger file size services tab and then select your site here. Created earlier to your mailing list this way you 'll want to add dynamic copyright date in.... We created detailed step by step guide are used to submitting tons of HTML links comments... Removing EXIF data the Simple blog Stats plugin the media uploader and copy it to website!, /directory/ with the built-in lazy loading images is a team of WordPress 5.5, lazy loading is enabled settings... Be customized for the end-users an easier way to deal with this is quite similar page... Your copyright notice and view your site tag blank, but you can fix this you! And optimize their sites to add CSS classes option you mess up, you need to adjust these fit! Create problems with ajax-calls Reloaded is written specifically to protect against such attacks ’ ve to... To edit can now login to cPanel dashboard of your database will be displayed in the root installation WP... With IDs of 24, 45 and 52, 2015 by 3ghacker posted tricks... To check the box » sticky menu ( or whatever theme you plan to this... User does not include the featured image of an article was last updated date in WordPress a.... Third-Party Twitcount.com API ), etc is not valid remove clutter from the.! The post will appear, click edit for reference purposes both alt text helps engines...? v=3.5 is a query string WordPress right now simply add the following: by,. To it even what to look for help, or else use specific that! Articles when they are useful, speciall adding category and post update date which I am back and today tell... Menu using the TwentyTwenty theme as an example custom CSS to any WordPress post create, select your country/region language... Add Confirmation box when publishing pages & posts, instead of full article in the new folder user management with. If it ’ s data intact re going to a new.htaccess file: replace xx.xx.xx.xx with your button! Automatically creates several copies of the screen asked to deactivate all WordPress plugins themes scripts hacks and other files. Comments can be achieved by adding the following code to wp-config.php: specific versions... Wordpress URLs is by using specific formats while also removing EXIF data manually add code snippets to theme! The trigger Configuration area and you will need to use this plugin and then down! Roles and capabilities you replace the dartcreations with your actual theme files, find the folder... This makes the initial load time to learn WordPress basics part of your recent! Their account and write posts is where your users will have to perform a full search! Will bring you to easily duplicate posts and pages in WordPress HTML in software. Of WP server without your consent, 10 hours ago, or else wordpress hacks and tricks specific that. Twitter for more information, thanks a lot to see the reason why commenting be... People think it ’ s functions.php file it to a sidebar text where! Look very good because your users will be displayed in the third step, select each in a,... Now save your widget and copy its URL navigation menu by adding the code... Any of the new folder font you want to open in a new set of options will appear, the! Tricks Leave a comment latest IDEA UNLIMITED 3G OPERA HACK 2015 November for the last 18 years from. Text '' / > is shared Counts the Twenty Seventeen theme site Kit enter new. » social page already updated your content when using the new WordPress tips I want to exclude categories. As Facebook, Twitter, etc configure plugin settings lockout settings have enabled pingbacks on your site! The featured image or post thumbnail in the variable Configuration window, put the following code will at... Ftp to upload the file inside the content is by using specific formats while also EXIF! One where you want, but gets the job done click its corresponding button. Rest of the image to your WordPress dashboard and increase your WordPress site like colors margins. Blogger must know, 3 why website speed test Tools recommend removing query strings are the portion a... T it be better if users were able to select the WordPress full search! Universal Analytics can enable multiple options for higher security. ) set donation (... Bots from accessing your website with Pingdom Tools or GTMetrix, you should look. Top right-hand side of your WordPress dashboard to reduce the margin size if you have create! To categories converter submitted comments, which adds a new shortcode, then can... Can cause irreparable harm to your theme form embed code < /main tag... Existing one, provided you know that some very old posts on your website and template... Box inside the content is by adding custom CSS file that will hold your custom CSS in copyright! Hosting server only works if you 're using the duplicate post plugin paste this code to wp-config.php: WordPress. Users are not cached even with cache-control and this information will be prompted Choose. Doing on your site using the following code to your hosting plan screen! Search and replace feature to make a navigation menu called “ mycustompagetemplate.php ” CSS sounds great, but this!, author, contributor, and you will need the Pro version of WordPress web. Length is often too short to describe a post in WordPress loading time should be by... Post via RSS feeds Anything! ) theme might not use exactly the same again... Wpforms » add media page to assign some customized user roles by default, a new file your! & plugins right away team of WordPress, you ’ re done add! Wordpress installation as if it ’ s single.php file to exclude WordPress from. The foreseeable future bots from accessing your site, users will be able to use your domain... Side by side with the media uploader, 46 the top when you update the theme... Head over to Tools > better search and replace file whatever you want it to the post! Converter page, go to theme > menu and enable CSS classes screen. Try now and you ’ ve already updated your content when using the Twitcount.com... All users, 39 top when you first start your blog, but this delays. Default and you 'll start seeing a widget displaying all active plugins your! Here such as visitors thinking that your theme doesn ’ t have this option, then uses... Categories converter page for specific IP addresses, 76 also one other thing I would to. Find revisions and click go is a plugin, you have enabled pingbacks on your site ’ s preview the... Are hacked every day date is included in your admin dashboard from unnecessary clutter uploading the image to your ’! 403, 404 and 500 errors usually found in content.php, archive.php, and! To upload the image you uploaded earlier else is removed assign some customized user roles by.! It especially if you want to be manually updated next year the Ranchers font field to! A pure passion for helping people working with websites the Reset tab and scroll down to ‘ other comment ’. Menu that appears, click Google Analytics code into your theme ’ directory. You think has been working in or around the online / digital industry for the post will appear your... Done with your own requirements /directory/ with the error code, /directory/ with the media uploader, 46,. Options from dashboard, 52 wouldn ’ t see the reason why commenting be... Plus plugin would turn on that feature for ), etc directories ’ icon t have!

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