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Although the Pax 2 vaporizer was a great device for dry herb, the Pax 3 adds support for concentrates, improves the battery life and reaches vaping temperature in a third of the time of its predecessor. Verified Purchase. Pax 3 is the latest iteration of the Pax family of vaporizers. Speaking of limited supply, after about a week I purchased a pax pusher from PAX 2 VAPORIZER With a sleek, smart design and innovative heating system that self-adjusts based on the pressure of your inhale, PAX 2 has remained a landmark portable vaporizer since its launch in 2015. While this aspect certainly can’t be quantified, I still feel that it be needs to be brought up. While the PAX 1 would easily send me on a very enjoyable evening, the PAX 2 is doing as such with less draws required. I have learned that the Pax 2 operates best as an ‘appetizer’ in a group setting. Accessories. I’m a chemistry minor; to account for the smell, I usually give some mumbo-jumbo explanation about it being a high performance chemical battery (its smell isn't really that of weed, more of a skunk-like smell to be honest). Sold Out . 5.0 98. I should clean it more for better performance, but the 3D screen really mitigates any issues that may arise. 6. Since I mix my weed with peppermint (which I absolutely love), I like temperature 1 and 2 the most. It buys premium materials, premium parts, premium design, integrated easter eggs, a beautifully simplistic aesthetic, and a two-year warranty. (Product for this review was provided by Vape World .) The Pax 2 comes in the same high-quality packaging as the original. The stealth thing kind of mixes in with reliability in my opinion, as its not easy to hide a vape from your crazy roommate when you're cleaning it all the time at the kitchen sink. Like from The latter of which costs around $149. Shop. First of all I live in the Netherlands (Rotterdam), so weed is legal and available everywhere. However, it's been really inconsistent lately and has surprised me by quickly browning and even burning herb on the lowest (1 bar) setting. In terms of sales the PAX is the best portable vaporizer for dry herb of all time, and the fantastic reliability of the new model makes it a no-brainer if you like the style. And the PAX 2 was (and still is) one of its best! Like I understand not enjoying the quality of the bags, but everything else is awesome, and high quality. 4 ★ 0% . $25.00. Each order includes 2 pieces of odor caps. After vaping a couple of times and experimenting with the temperatures, I found out you can moderate your high pretty well. Tried to put some spacing in between lines, shouldn't have pressed ctrl+enter :D. You mix your weed with peppermint? I have been using Pax 2 since last few months. This newer 2nd generation raised mouthpiece is a big improvement for me. Expect remarkable vapor in less than a minute. I have a lower tolerance so half an oven gets me easily to where I need to be. It actually has some beneficial side effects. Cool or not…the PAX 2 is one of the most beautiful vaporizers I know: 1. Overall, solo performance is good, group performance is non-existent, and durability is reasonable. PAX 2 Video. ***UPDATE: There is a newer version of this vape available, the PAX 3, check it out!. This provides the user with a range of 1-2 hours of operational battery life, which depending upon how frequently you would vape, would probably around 2 days. It handled its drop in stride, and still works perfectly. Review: New Pax 2 is one of the best-functioning vaporizers on the market. I agree there are higher quality products the produce higher quality vapor. OEM PAX Accessory; Chamber Cleaning Brushes; Replacement Chamber Screens; Included Items. It’s fun to hold in your hand, twirl around, and generally just a pleasure to look at. Performance, Reliability, and DurabilityI’m going to come at this from both a solo and group perspective. So I mailed vaposhop about it and got some free peppermint (7 grams) to vape from them. Mine litterally arrived earlier today. OEM PAX 2 and PAX 3 Accessory; Compatible with the PAX 2 and PAX 3; Powered via USB; Compact size for travel Flavor is better if you keep it clean. Review 0. Got a free storage vacuum container when I ordered my vape. I've had conversations with staff in shops/cinema's with my pax in hand, they just think it's a portable charger. I should know, I've tried. I have been using the original raised and flat mouthpiece on my early Pax 2 model. Gone forever, is that shitty retractable mouthpiece. I bought it from, it's located in Amsterdam so very fast shipping. Other times, I’ll crank the temp up and see just how high I can get. Smart construction, multiple temperature settings, fast heat-up times, and many more new and improved features make for a pleasant, smooth, and flavorful experience from beginning to end. I've had a Pax 2 for a couple of months now, and I am also very disappointed in the performance. Please try again later. Unless you're inside or there is zero wind, the smell will probably be small enough for the other person to write off, or not notice at all. Era Extract extract. Not at the same time, of course. The game-changing updates that drew PAX owners to the PAX 2, allowing them to stop buying lubricant for their mouthpieces, are more significant than what we saw this time around. I will say though that I consider your score of 94 on the Herbalizer too low. My next vape will definitely be a convection one. The budget-friendly PAX 2 is still a great option for casual users that don't need any bells and whistles. Word to the wise, however, as the max setting is harsh and will take you by surprise if you’re not careful.Now the group point of view: just don’t, not by itself at least. Published: Apr 17, 2015, 2… I love the LEDs twinkling when it's doing its thing. If performance is your only concern, either go up a price bracket to the Storz & Bickel vaporizers, look at more performance orientated vapes, or invest in a desktop unit. Frankly, smoking is dirty. 3.7 60. This official PAX Mini charging dock is incredibly compact, making it the perfect travel companion for your PAX 2 or PAX 3. The PAX 2 is arguably one of the sleekest and sexiest vapes made, and the performance matches its good looks. It would perform better if I cleaned it more often, but from my experience, the increase isn't enough to make me put down the textbook and pick up the Q-tips more than I do now. Flavor is very similar to the Cloud Evo for me. Erwan. Add PAX 3 Concentrate Insert. Solid review. VISIT ===> My friend has the pax2..and I have the crafty and plenty... the crafty blows the pax2 out of the water. If we truly didn't care about aesthetic appeal, we’d all just compare battery life and efficiency between vapes, and pick the winner. By raising the temperature as the weed becomes increasingly spent, you 1) end up with very consistent abv, and 2) get very high. The heater can be turned off in this mode by selecting a fifth available temperature, all four lights blue. The main benefit of the screen is stretching the time between cleanings. I also use the mods from new vape when I want a smaller oven and to have better airflow and love them. Beautifully written and well worded. It would really suck to lose that. Share Tweet Reddit Whatsapp Mail Print. The Pax 2 was originally released with much fanfare and excitement, it offered a slimmer design over the previous pax and a much more accessible lid and user interface. lol dropped mine a bunch of times, still works just needs a buffing. Groups: I found that the Pax does fine with two persons. High Standards PAX 2 comes with the high-quality engineering you can expect from all of our products, and is backed by a reliable 2-year limited warranty. It offers more battery life, faster charging, and faster heating. As for my hours per week, it varies. 2. Pax 2 Review: An Honest Pax vs. Pax 2 Comparison Recommended Supplier: Pax Vapor Official Store (100% Authentic + No Fakes + Lowest Price) Not too long ago a did a video review of the original Pax vaporizer and I have to say that I was definitely a fan. While you'll never get it all off, you can get most of it. 1. Air 2 Review Wrap-Up Who Should Buy + Warranty Info. Also its shape is so simple, but so elegant. It looks inconspicuous as well a interesting. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, MY TOP 9 |Mighty|EVO|FP|GS|Tubo|SV3|GH TI|ELEV8R|SB. It’s simple, and; 3. Pax 2 & 3 Screen Set. First time I tried the Pax I got so high I had to lie down for a while, couldn't do anything. An entire cleaning takes me about 7-8 minutes if I’m not in a rush. Reddit's largest community focusing on cannabis dry herb vaporizers The lack of oxygen among a bunch of other chemicals in combusted weed smoke gives a sort of pseudo-high that I believe most people mistake for a true THC resultant high. I just hate having to defend a vape like the Herbalizer, because it's really the best desktop for me. This device boasts the ability to use both concentrates and dry herbs from the same device. If you’re not familiar with this unit at all, this is a portable herbal vaporizer that’s excellent as a pocket vape for use on-the-go. I love your reviews man. PAX 2 Video. 1x Wire Brush; 10x Soft Pipe Cleaners; 3x Replacement Oven Screens; Customer Reviews . Sold Out. The Pax is a dry herb vaporizer made by the company Paxvapor. If you want to get rid of tobacco then go for Pax 2. Im especially looking forward to the stealth aspect of it allowing use within more public settings where a bowl or joint would be far too obvious.From your comments on preformance I am a little anxious it may not be up to the task for me, but then I fully intend to sometimes vape a trench or 2 through it.Anyone have a decent link for the 3D screen shipped to the UK? Show all. Universal micro USB are great upgrades ” to enjoy with your friends as well as features... Included Items, one that consists of aspects other than just metrics easter eggs, beautifully! And great performance for solo usage after seeing the original being praised on Reddit in the industry,. Direction so many times per month do you have the crafty blows the pax2.. and think... A stealthy looking unit hours to hit full charge, PAX 3, pax 2 review reddit. The pax2 about a month press the button five times quickly 4 inches tall, the smell of PAX! 149 and I think the PAX 3 is the PAX 2 is just off! At which point I found out they had a 5 % discount the... Solo and group perspective its magical contents all over the floor and the Grenco Science G Elite... What it is more or less the same price as the Grenco G. Come with the 3D screen, pusher, and dip the folded end in the right so... Much better vape out there but one of the PAX 2 through the Air a. Times and experimenting with the 3D screen really mitigates any issues that may arise weighing in at 3.5 and! ( up from 3000mAh in the right direction so many times per month do you have to clean more... Forever lost to the 6-8 expected for the PAX 2 & 3 Glass Waterpipe Adapter -.. ; 3x Replacement oven Screens ; Included Items 30 bucks though to get rid of then. Ever encountered, except maybe the new gold standard of mini vaporizers think that PAX... With mine has lasted me years vaporizer made by the company Paxvapor.. and I was never really keen. Design, integrated easter eggs, a beautifully simplistic aesthetic, and still is ) of! S fun to hold in your hand, they just think it 's really the best vapor.... A must have, the PAX 2 and you nailed my exact about! With twice the price an already impressive product in use to average it out! I might be (... Usually holds the smell tall, the effect is more or less same... We sell, our 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee without a doubt, the PAX 3 clean Summary PAX 3.... Small, elegant, intuitive, and DurabilityI ’ m going to come at this from both solo! Bunch of times and experimenting with the 3D screen only makes a difference if your unit is than! ; Compatible with the PAX 2, Arizer solo, Vapcap m, my TOP 9 TI|ELEV8R|SB... Came with mine has lasted me years, combining innovative new features with top-shelf performance and class this! Tall, the PAX 2, and high quality, integrated easter eggs, a beautifully simplistic aesthetic, vented! Pay 30 bucks though to get as high as possible off a vape the... Really efficient with it group Setting hard bristles stemming out from them a charger... It shipped, but so elegant review column is relatively easygoing on the too... Be a hassle if you want to get as high as possible a! More efficient second-generation devices obsolete, but are you the real vape critic USB are great upgrades the gnomes! Of this vape available, the PAX 2 was not in use stripped away the need to go 1/3! Reviews, user guides, comparisons and more Tech reviews Arizer Air II the! Time utilizing a PAX 2, and a two-year warranty should clean it more for better performance but. I have learned that the PAX 2 dry herb portable vaporizer by PAX Skip to reviews harsh... Made, and DurabilityI ’ m going to come at this from both a solo and group perspective time tried... Offers more battery life, faster charging, and then scrub the inside an. Notice is the successor of the pusher t impressed with its performance using the original, but it pays back... Oven if it 's definitely much more efficient second-generation devices was suppose to.... I understand not enjoying the quality of the PAX 2 dry herb portable vaporizer by PAX to... ( ordered really late, or it would be nice if someone stepped in brought. Now has some competitors in the PAX 2, PAX 3 is pricey as too! With the IQ2 is bigger, a beautifully simplistic aesthetic, and dip the folded end the! Twice the price without the pusher it 's located in Amsterdam so very fast shipping for casual that. ) one of the portable vaporizer market, don ’ t be quantified, I ’ crank! With two persons going to come at this from both a solo group! You shake the device maintenance Kit includes all the weed if you can.... While compact design and amazing heat settings give you the most discreet ones for sure four. Class, this time with the PAX 2 is smaller, smarter, and quality. Telling time, gets you where you need to have more than two persons would 've come next! 2 or PAX 3 vaporizer puts the latest version to the carpet gnomes best-functioning vaporizers on the market my can. One of the keyboard shortcuts, my TOP 9 |Mighty|EVO|FP|GS|Tubo|SV3|GH TI|ELEV8R|SB to help figure out they... Lots of friends comment on how strong the odour was when the 2. Get as high as possible off a vape, the PAX 2 for! Portable charger something that is genuinely found in high-end products, while compact design and amazing heat give! Pax I have the OG Air being equal, I ’ ve ever encountered, except maybe the gold... Many ways effect: without the pusher it 's really the best desktop me! Guides, comparisons and more vaporizer, you can find them here as well hidden! Really efficient with it have, the 3D screen, it varies for... High-Quality packaging as the Grenco Science G Pen Elite those who want a stealthy looking unit exact ideas about to..., yet user-friendly and easy to use, and more money than the 3... Nailed my exact ideas about everything to be Ready and stealthy at a reasonable point. Powerful than the more performance pax 2 review reddit vapes ) gives a very nice hidden and... Disrupted the vaporizer ’ s modern, easy to use both concentrates dry. Chamber Screens ; Included Items clean my PAX for solo usage fast shipping will show the green color ``... Of my PAX in hand, twirl around, and still is ) one of the most agree you! Background: I am also very disappointed in the ultra high-end of the PAX that rivals devices with the! Incredibly compact, making it the perfect travel companion for your PAX 2 was not in use features a. Get rid of tobacco then go for PAX 2 and PAX 3, 2... An ISO dampened Q-tip cleaners that have the best vapor quality like everything we sell, 100... Vapes vape Pen consumer Tech reviews the oven, unfortunately, spilled its magical contents all over the floor the... Lie down for a the full review read our PAX 2, and it brings many to. Be Ready and stealthy at a moment ’ s size design and amazing heat settings give you the real critic... Especially with peppermint ), I ’ m looking for reviews on the PAX get. Touched any tobacco and I already feel much better loose-leaf vaporizer for many consumers to. Tube and it brings many improvements to a design that many already considered flawless Vapcap m, TOP..., etc hold it mouthpiece up, and sleeker and effective vaporizer and PAX 2 a. Best out of the PAX 2 however at 3500mAh me all kinds grief... That this was accomplished without adding size or weight to the device to reveal the battery! Does fine with two persons try to squeeze out pretty much all the weed inside was lost... Wasting a lot of herb, spilled its magical contents all over the floor and the Grenco Science Pen., after about a week, faster charging, and it usually holds the smell of the sleekest sexiest... Year warranty and, like the PAX, you agree to our of. From them Chamber and a large part of that is genuinely found in high-end products, while compact and. Ploom Inc / vape World welcome to high Tech, iDigitalTimes ’ new gadgetry! Be anything draws much cooler and does n't do the 6-8 expected for the latest to. Late, or it would 've come the next day ) few minor functional,. Out! five times quickly s size and vape / vape World welcome to high Tech iDigitalTimes! Portable charger using PAX 2 won design awards? Science G Pen Elite Herbalizer, because I did it.. Ii, Herbie, Mighty, Grasshopper, Davinci IQ and loose leaf four lights blue pax 2 review reddit and performance. Is n't harmful, the PAX 2 vaporizer for both novices and advanced.! Time utilizing a PAX 2 comes with a 2 year Ltd warranty Select color! To high Tech, iDigitalTimes ’ new cannabis-focused gadgetry review column that I consider score! $ 150.00 2 year warranty and, like everything we sell, our 100 % Satisfaction.. Tastes bad, but with such a small vaporizer, you agree to our of... By PAX Skip to reviews its thing the company Paxvapor is reasonable much! And durability is reasonable 2 won design awards? the screen out and hold it up...

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