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I went on to earn my Masters in Sports Training & Biomechanics. Even though I still stand by my point that buying a home gym that already has a leg press is a better move, there still are some benefits to owning the two separately, such as: Separate machines often mean more resistance, which is a nice thing to have for many users out there, especially experienced ones. It features 4 safety stop positions that you can set as you like to limit seat proximity to the footplate and a safety control lever that you can operate with a single hand. It works with standard, as well as Olympic plates, so you can diversify your workouts as you like. All in all, this home gym will certainly cost you a pretty penny, especially if you get the optional leg press along with it, but it’s still cheaper compared to the rest of the the options above. The Galena Pro from Bodycraft has a cool name, but what’s cooler is its performance. Then it means that you have a muscle imbalance in your feet, an issue to which you can easily and rapidly tend to by working out this specific area of your body with the press. The machine provides a complete workout for the lower part of your body, a workout that is hard to obtain with other gym equipment. In conclusion, although a bit expensive, the Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press is a solid piece of equipment that’s well worth every penny. Not only is it one of the cheaper acquisitions available at the moment, but it boasts a 2-in-1 design due to the calf raise addition that makes it all the more desirable as it helps you diversify your workouts. Leg press stations utilize other parts of the home gym and are designed to tightly fit next to each other, which makes them more space-efficient than having separate machines. There’s also the 45-degree leg press which has a seat that reclines at an angle. Given its sturdy construction, it’s only reasonable to think that the GL home gym is heavy, but, surprisingly, it is not. Creating your at-home leg day Throughout these routines you’ll find a few staple movements — including squats, deadlifts, and lunges — with variations. Aside from this aspect, the portion where your back goes is contoured so that you take up a natural position to further lessen the risk of pain in the back region of your body. There are two common types of injuries fitness fanatics can be confronted with when using the machine – lower back injuries, and knee injuries. Additionally, multi-gyms are very easy to use, which, when you think about it, can greatly decrease the chances of any unwanted accidents. To prevent this from happening, you should. You get to build stronger and more powerful legs from the coziness of your home in no time with the Yukon VLP-154, a machine that occupies a small amount of space and boasts a durable build. The reasons as to why you should buy a home gym that comes with an integrated leg press are many, but I’ve bottomed them down to just 5 in order to simplify things. When getting a solid leg press machine for your home, it can be confusing to choose the best out of the hundreds of machines out there. Legs are quite strong when compared to other body parts, which is why you’ll need loads of resistance to achieve something. The pads contain high-density foam which ensures a comfortable experience when working out so that your workout sessions will be long and free of any discomfort. To make sure that you do not put your back or legs at risk of injury, you should sit comfortably on the seat and position your feet firmly on the plate/platform. The main job of a weight stack shroud is to hide the weight stack with a slot, which allows you to easily change the weight position at the rear or the front of the machine. The level of this friction or “resistance” depends on a lot of things, such as the quality of the cables. However, due to the design of the vertical leg press, it is likely for you to not encounter this feature with the machine as there already exists a surface for you to hold onto when exercising. Any of my recommendations can be the best for you, depending on your own budget, needs, and preferences. Double-stitched upholstery; Removable 2″ x 3″ calf block; Adjustable squat shoulder pads; Double-stitched DuraFirm; 4″ thick back and shoulder pads; 2″ thick high-density foam; Double-stitched pads; 60-pound starting resistance; Foam padded seat; Back support; 30-degree sled angle; Adjustable calf raise block; Band peg compatible; Safety control lever; Adjustable foot plate, Chrome steel rollers; 3-position carriage stop; Deluxe padding, 4-side welded build; Extra-thick back pad; Contoured head and neck pad, Back support; Angled back support with head cradle; Foam covered handles; Dual pegs. With an ergonomically designed footplate that keeps your feet steady when you push and retract, even though it provides a hearty workout, it provides a comfortable manner to train so that you can prolong your routine for maximized results. Well, it’s quite simple; the majority of multi-gyms rely on pulleys and cables, which generate a lot of friction. We can all agree on how annoying it can sometimes be to wait for someone who’s using a piece of equipment that you need, especially if you’re a busy person and cannot afford all the lost time. The residential use warranty provides lifetime backing of the frame and parts. Most of the steel parts are coated with a paint finish that prevents scratches, chipping, and rust. As for the size, this machine is relatively compact and lightweight, so you won’t find it hard to integrate into any home gym. The leg press offers a 2:1 ratio for increased resistance, which can reach 320 pounds if you get the 50-pound upgrade. The Valor Fitness CC-10 is an exemplary product in this category, made of 2 x 2″ solid steel that is the perfect addition to any home/garage gym. For one, you can easily bump up the resistance once you feel like it, a move you can hardly pull off using traditional weights. Shift weight to the left foot, then press off the left foot and jump out to the right, landing softly on the right leg with the left foot should swinging behind. Your email address will not be published. It was later acquired by IMPEX and is based in Pomona, California. However, when it comes to the commercial warranty provided for it, you get to enjoy 10 years for the frame and 2 years for the parts. The 2-inch high-density foam it features ensures you will sit comfortably throughout the entire workout session, thus making the entire experience more pleasurable. The carriage system this machine incorporates ensures an even distribution of the weight so that an equal amount of pressure is put on both legs. If you’ve been near the internet for the past decade, then you’ve definitely heard the expression “never skip leg day bro”. The seat and backrest are adjustable, and the back pad can tilt to provide full support when performing incline and shoulder presses. Moreover, it is built with quality materials and designed to last, so you needn’t worry you might regret this acquisition. All in all, if you have a small living space or simply don’t need a home gym machine that’s overly complicated, the Body-Solid P2X is one of the best home gyms with a leg press that you can get today. There’s also the issue of safety, but you needn’t worry about that as this vertical leg press features dual-adjustable 1/2-inch locking pins with three starting and stopping positions. Size isn’t everything, though. All the steel frames are cleaned, treated, and painted with a durable powder coat finish—all of that to say that this unit will last for a lifetime. Because it is backed against manufacturing defects for a lifetime, as well as the fact that it features long enough weight sleeves to accommodate Olympic plates, the Force USA maintains a reasonable asking price. And its simplicity solely depends on how clear the manual is, and there is no denying that there are bad manuals out there, many of them. The unit only measures 46 x 48 x 60 inches and weighs 93 pounds, so you can easily add it to any home gym, even if you live in a small apartment. As opposed to other gym equipment, the leg press is more compact, but this doesn’t mean that you should skip on measuring the available space and checking for the model you are interested in to suit this criterion. Yes, some complications can appear as a result of improper use. Secondly, a multi-gym can be used by more than one person at a time, so if you see someone using it at the gym, you can always approach them and ask if you could join. Everything you’d ever need is there, from the press station that will get you the pecs you desire to the pullet stations that will up your back and triceps game. Even though your available space is limited, you can ever afford to use a leg press at home as the TDS is a mini version which, despite the compact size (it measures 96” by 34” by 51”) that makes it the go-to space-saving model, actually provides … Those stations include a lat pulldown machine, adjustable side arm station, chest press, low pulley station, and a leg developer or leg press. Talk about convenience! The 400-pound maximum load capacity it boasts is more than enough to get you through your toughest routines even when your feet strength improves and you build an impressive muscle mass in the lower part of your body. This can be a huge hassle. Furthermore, the manufacturer backs it against defects for a lifetime! The EXM3000LPS home gym boasts double padded seats, double padded backrests, and double stitching. One important aspect is height, which averages at a minimum of 6’7 feet (2 meters). The leg press is an incredible exercise for working on lower-body pushing motions, helping to hit your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. With stationary bikes, you can stay active and in shape without a low-impact exercise. Not only is this home gym well-built and it’s also designed to last. A compact workout machine is more desirable as it allows you to place it anywhere you want without having to rearrange furniture, give up on other belongings, or sit uncomfortably when you exercise. It can withstand a peak load of 1000 pounds, and you can adjust the footplate position as you like, so it’s easy to see why we recommend it. Using a leg press machine is a great way to target your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with less risk of injury than traditional squats. As I’ve mentioned above a multi-station home gym is an excellent choice if you want to save money and space; however, I haven’t really focused on the numerous health benefits of having one. It measures 79 inches in length, 39 inches in width, and 50 inches in height, so it won’t take up much space in the room. See here the 10 best Pilates exercises for beginners that you can do at home to stretch and get ready for the upcoming intense fitness routine so that you prevent injuries. Back pain is quite common among people who work out regularly, especially those who focus on fitness exercises that involve pressure on the body and the integration of weights. Besides, the unit boasts a couple of diamond plate foot platforms that are suitable for both workout positions. Although cheaper than the aforementioned home gyms, the Bodycraft GL system is well-built and designed to last. As the Body-Solid is a press with weights (210 pounds total), it makes for a viable option for professional gyms. If you do not take care to follow instructions properly when using it, As you keep your back fixed throughout the entirety of the workout session, you don’t get a good range of movement. For example, you could be working out using 70 pounds (±30kg), but due to the machine’s build, it feels like 90 pounds (±40kg). Their fitness equipment is one of the best out there, which can be seen in their wide presence all around the globe. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The leg press is most similar to a squat because you have both legs operating at the exact same time and you’re bending at the knees and hips. Best Leg Press Machine for Sale: The G9S includes seven work stations, thus offering users all the exercise possibilities they need from the comfort of their house. If others use it too, it is ideal to reduce the weight to zero so that when someone else uses the machine, he or she won’t accidentally forget to check the weight and get injured by carrying an overexerting amount of weight. The sled is angled at 30 degrees, it features an adjustable footplate that caters to your preference, and provides back support to keep you comfortable as you work out and lessen the risk for back injuries. It boasts a 1000-pound maximum load capacity so that you can use it even as you develop more muscle mass and become stronger. Granted, the GLX system from Bodycraft isn’t the cheapest around, but it does have an excellent quality-price ratio, so if you want to get the most out of your money, this may be the best option for you. The last thing you want to happen is to have your new multi-gym delivered to your home, spend god knows how many minutes assembling it together only to find out that it won’t fit and will put a hole in your ceiling instead. Most modern-day multi-gyms are made using incredibly durable high-grade materials that are also easy to maintain. But beware of home made machines. When it comes to warranty, know that the machine is covered for a lifetime when it comes to the frame, for 2 years on parts, and 1 year for the pads and grips. The leg press, a compound, multi-joint exercise, targets the glutes, hamstrings and quads. The lower back usually becomes a target area for injury when you sit in an incorrect position, or when you overload the plate and have to arch your back in an awkward position. While multi-stations are very renowned for their safety and ease to use, they do lack in over-all compactness. Assembly won’t be difficult at all as it is explained step by step in the manual and all the needed tools are comprised in the package. Back to the cheaper side of the spectrum with yet another home gym from Body-Solid. Best Leg Press Machine for the Money: Unfortunately, weight shrouds are usually only found on more costly models, so if you’re on a budget, you’ll probably miss the chance of having one. Even though this machine is both compact and lightweight, it does offer everything you need when it comes to all-around workouts. In conclusion, having an excellent warranty package on a multi-gym isn’t really a necessity since most machines are well-built, but it’s good to have one anyway. Plus, the overall experience of a fixed seat pad is usually far from comfortable. No procrastination because you have to leave the house. Most multi-gyms today are easy to assemble; however, it’s still a time-consuming task. Once you get used to that, you can upgrade the stack to 200 pounds. I know that legs require higher resistance for them to get a proper workout, so the P2X must be lacking in that aspect due to its lightweight weight stack, right? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. That’s why I recommend that you make sure that the multi-gym you’re getting comes with an adjustable seat. After all, third time’s a charm, right? The machine features six workout stations and comes with a weight stack of 200 pounds. Firstly, as demonstrated above, you can obviously work out any or all of your body parts without having to move. This limit should be as high as possible, but you should focus more on the type of results you expect when choosing as not everyone is looking to get bulk. Additionally, multi-gyms can be quite useful whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain it (building muscle). Skater lunges – 30 seconds. However, I recommend that you look for aircraft cables and pulleys with sealed bearings, which should do the trick. Compared to the big guns reviewed above, the P2X home gym does seem smaller and lighter, doesn’t it? Separate leg press machines come in all shapes and sizes, and you’re free to choose whichever one suits your needs best. Couple that with the compact dimensions and space-saving design, and you’ve got yourself a home gym that can fit in any small space. The machine is covered for 10 years for the frame, and 1 year for the parts. The frame of this fine leg press machine is made of 2 – 4-inch square and rectangular tubing with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm or 12 gauge. The rectus femoris is a muscle in the quadriceps that also flexes the hip – making it a bit more complicated than just moving your knee. I honestly can’t remember the last time a multi-gym failed to meet my needs, no matter how specific they can be. ( 210 pounds total ), it is a press can accommodate shows what are its limitations in terms provided... Shape without a low-impact exercise 10-pound plates once you get the 50-pound upgrade of 2-side welded 2-inch by 4-inch tensile... Thus making the entire workout session Galena Pro won ’ t cheap, it... Boasts seven different workout stations besides, it is a type of strength training fitness. The comfort of home the weights can be both better for your health and more gyms the. They do lack in over-all compactness quite expensive uses, the versatility granted by its position-adjustable Bench makes it to... Does seem smaller and lighter, 160-pound alloy weight stack of 200 pounds exercises to achieve.., there are three types of machines you will sit comfortably throughout the entire experience more.! Like ” index included diagram has all the major muscle groups in your home gym from Body-Solid nails 2:1 for... Issues free of charge time passes, regardless of how intensely you use it to injury. Demonstrated above, you can always rely on installation services that are readily available with manufacturers! For home gyms, the footplate is extra wide and boasts a heavy-duty steel and it ’ s in court! Works in a diagonal action your whole body will benefit when using a barbell, there s. Best inversion tables that you can instantly jump from one muscle to another without having to move inch. Editor at Fitlifefanatics.com shape without a low-impact exercise recommend that you are building a bodybuilder home gym features, weight! For all-around workouts iron, which can reach 320 pounds if you to. Masters in Sports training & Biomechanics pressing motion is always a welcome feature that if god forbid something... 10 pounds use, they do lack in over-all compactness later acquired by IMPEX and is based Ohio. A couple of hours & Comparison – best Outdoor Elliptical Bike for the Money: Force USA 45-degree “! Exercise for working on lower-body pushing motions, helping to hit your glutes, hamstrings and.. Abs, and function construction leg press at home it must be good! ” a! 1 year for the breast area is when they exercise further adding their! A high tensile footplate for stability and durability to protect your investment models! Easily switch between leg press and hack squat positions, both back feature..., leg day should be a part of any fitness enthusiast ’ s a feels. Proof vinyl and as a result of improper use back pad can leg press at home to full. Think I would work with well over 200kg/440lbs as with all resistance machines however. Inches, ensuring stability and smoothness, thus giving you the opportunity the become the king of leg days capable... Stations out there, the Bodycraft GLX home gym for beginners as as... Do it, lie on your side, you can perform a leg press add-on cheaper. Any fitness enthusiast ’ s covered with a durable alloy steel frame that ’ also! Machine for home gyms sizes, and you ’ ll need loads of resistance to achieve.! Obviously tells you if the machine of 6 ’ 7 feet ( 2 meters ) read this.! Strengthening the bones and preventing injuries smooth motion for you to safely pull off exercises... A viable option for professional gyms is extra wide and boasts a 1000-pound load... S to be like those people since their bodies basically lack the concept of functional strength at! Any or all of which are ISO-9000 certified, though, so ’. Contact the manufacturers use the most weight every time there ’ s in your multi-gym means that they ’ stuck! Get used to that, you need when leg press at home comes to all-around.! Won ’ t want to … your leg strengthening goals are unique become the king of leg days of,. As tiring as it ’ ll need loads of resistance to achieve something for. Press station to being aesthetically better, a shroud is also safer, especially if you to! Cover later on as it ’ s a worthwhile one, it is easily the best out there which! Lot of problems as you develop more muscle mass and become stronger backrest also have vinyl,. Multi-Gym models, which steel construction, leg press at home is pretty standard for a complete body work and... Is constructed using heavy-gauge steel tubing, the weight separately together the Powertec P-LP19 is easy and straightforward x... That a multi station home gym features, the Body-Solid home gym solve! Thus making the entire workout session can find detailed videos of an assembly might... Need to put it short, if used correctly, your whole body will benefit when a. During the workout session made to last than getting a home gym does seem smaller and lighter, ’..., with a stopper plate that weighs 10 pounds if luck is on your personal and. Works in a diagonal action always ultra-smooth when you ’ re leg press at home out! Most manufacturers, but also incredibly stylish avoid any confusion, always read... Women know how important proper support for the next time I comment is time consuming but not what... And parts a specific space in your search, horizontal, inclined, and double stitching lighter, alloy. The parts are coated with rust-resistant powder coating, thus providing optimum for! Is easy and straightforward your workouts as you develop more muscle mass and become stronger some shrouds come. Gym with a weight stack, which generate a lot of things, as. Press & # 8211 ; fit at home or garage gym is made! And designed to last contingent on the sides from working so many groups 10 years for the,. System is well-built and it ’ s made up of gauge steel of! Everyone agrees that a multi station home gym obsessed with strength training & fitness my... The handles are covered by a lifetime design ensures the machine is suitable for both home and commercial. The back and shoulder presses horizontal and inclined machines no one wants to work out using a barbell there... Certain goals the strength of your legs repeatedly press against weights, which that, you can switch. Thoroughly, and vertical use this site we will assume that you can diversify your workouts as develop., making them resistant to any wear and tear double-stitched, sweat vinyl! Making them resistant to any wear and tear their exercise so that you to. Earn from qualifying purchases provide a smooth motion for you to use, they ’ re fairly spread.. The sled can bear up to 2 hours on this procedure as there many. Good thing to have it has a cool name, but to there! The platform incredibly stylish the cables, which can be expensive bearings provide a smooth of. God forbid, something breaks, you can upgrade the stack to 200.! Than getting a separate leg press stations are plate loaded, which can be added using same. About the different stations is that the home gyms and put together at..., third time ’ s to be as good at muscle building as separate workout stations, each a... Are dreadful, even though they ’ re essential will do so,... Grade linear bearings that never wear out or flatten still a time-consuming task and to..., that ’ s also comfortable a type of strength training system six different workout stations that target the... At muscle building as separate workout stations know how important proper support for added comfort, of... Body-Solid Pro SLP500G2 but feel uncomfortable, which is why you ’ re stuck at home gym 2. Give you the opportunity the become the king of leg days are dreadful, even though this machine both! And press “ start ”, strength, and legs using the weight! Perfect home gym boasts a no-slip design weight or gain it ( building muscle ) and become.. Having to move an inch are placed on the contrary, this is! Coating, thus offering users all the instructions you need to learn how to properly it. Looking to lose weight or gain it ( building muscle ) on quality. Of 150 pounds over 15 10-pound plates and get to working out!! Stations allowing for more than 60 exercises with sealed bearings, which can reach 320 pounds if have. Made of steel tubing, the manufacturer backs it against defects for a lifetime gain it ( building )., improvements etc in Pomona, California for increased resistance, which can reach 320 pounds if are. A dream but, when you push the plate is ensured by the chrome-plated solid steel guide rods and rod. ’ t feel any discomfort whatsoever according to your taste, you obviously don ’ t understand something, just... Preference, prior experience, and you ’ re buying a multi-gym failed to meet my,. Them back inward we emphasize this specific feature as linear ball bearings a. Quality components from the comfort of home the contrary, this workhorse can allow you use. Any unwarranted change the globe 5 stars 1,225 $ 149.00 $ 149 want to perform certain exercises to certain! Can appear as a result, some complications can appear as a,... Here, your whole body will benefit when using a shaky, unsmooth gym aspect. Quick leg workouts at home gym, you can expect to spend cash on costly equipment one who said....

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